Net Billetterie
Logiciel de billetterie et de réservation pour salle de spectacle ou saison culturelle


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Nouvelles de TuxFamily

L’hébergement libre pour les gens libres


  • Network outage

    8 novembre 2019
    Our hoster is currently experiencing a partial network outage impacting all our main services. We will keep you in touch. Secondary services (mx2, ns2, …) are up. Edit: We are back online since 17:05 UTC.
  • End of MySQL old password support

    4 octobre 2019
    MySQL old password support (before MySQL 4.1) backward compatibility is being removed from most MySQL client libraries, at least from the PHP MySQL client library we started using. MySQL new password support (starting from MySQL 4.1) is quite old, that is, affected databases are those created (...)