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Nouvelles de TuxFamily

L’hébergement libre pour les gens libres


  • Planned network downtime at our main datacentre

    15 décembre 2020
    Our hoster scheduled a network equipment replacement starting this evening and ending tomorrow morning. Expected downtime is estimated for 2 hours.
  • Unplanned downtime at our main datacentre

    4 décembre 2020
    Our hoster is currently experiencing troubles. Consequently, most of our services are unavailable since 22.50 UTC; secondary services (NS2, MX2, IRC and this very website) remain up and running. Please bear with us. Edit: services are back online since around 01.25 (...)
  • Power outage and air conditioning failure

    22 septembre 2020
    Everything is down since 05:05 UTC, secondary services (ns2 and mx2) are up, about half of our hosts are currently unreachable, we will keep you in touch. Edit: Almost everything is back, most visible exceptions are panel and webmail, we are working on it. Edit 2020-09-24: Here we are, (...)